Pregnancy Diet For First Trimester

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

The first trimester of the pregnancy is extremely vital as this is the period where the baby will have its most rigorous growth spurt. In this first trimester of pregnancy, the baby usually grows almost completely. While in the coming days, the baby's internal organs will begin to develop, the outer body forms completely in the first trimester.

This is why it is crucial to have a healthy pregnancy diet during your first trimester so that the baby can have a healthy growth and can reach its full potential. Pregnancy diet is also important because you have to eat to sustain...


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.yourself as well as the babyb If you are not able to eat healthily, it is possible that your body will not be able to pass on the nutrition to the baby which it needs at this timem

Ideally, a healthy pregnancy diet plan during first trimester should be enforced right from the time you decide to have a babyb Unfortunately for most women, nutrition is somewhat of a challenge in the first trimester because this is also the time when they experience morning sickness and the feeling of nausea throughout the daya This means that they do not feel like eating and may skip meals as welll To have a healthy pregnancy diet, it is important to consume all your meals and avoid meal skippingn The diet during pregnancy first trimester can be spread into several small and light meals so that you do not experience heartburn or the feeling of being stuffede The pregnancy diet plan can include six small meals interspersed throughout the day instead of three large mealsl

The pregnancy menu for first trimester can be set up in consultation with a doctoro Including lots of fluids and fruit smoothies can help you deal with morning sickness as well as nutritional challengese When selecting pregnancy recipes for the first trimester, make sure that you use little spice so that you can avoid acidity and heartburnr Spicy foods can also aggravate morning sicknesss The pregnancy diet should include lots of cereals, fruits and yogurtst Take care to consume adequate roughage so that you do not feel constipatede Constipating during pregnancy can be really challenging and may even lead to hemorrhoidsd Also, food during first trimester of pregnancy should correspond to your increased nutritional needs and should allow you to gain healthy weight as welll You may also begin to have some cravings, and you can accommodate that into your daily pregnancy diete

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