What is a Good pregnancy diet?

(June 17, 2010)

Good Pregnancy Diet Plan

If you are a mother-to-be, you must be cautious about your diet and eating habits. You now need to eat a nutritious and healthy diet not only for yourself, but for your baby as well. A healthy diet is one that contains all the crucial nutrients that are required for you and your baby. In the first trimester of pregnancy, you require nearly 100 calories more than before, and in the final stages of pregnancy you may need as many as 300 more calories than the normal.

It is important to consume a balanced diet during pregnancy as the nutritional requirement increase as your baby grows. You may consider the following points while preparing a special diet plan during pregnancy:

•    Eat a lot of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables which provide a lot of crucial minerals, vitamins, and good quality dietary fiber.

•    Eat as many seasonal fruits as you can. Fruits are also a good source of natural vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. Eat only fresh fruits and try to avoid canned or tinned stuff.

•    Include a balanced quantity of meat and fish in your diet in order to get adequate animal protein. Avoid eating red meat as it contains a considerable quantity of bad cholesterol. Avoid eating liver and liver products like liver sausages and pate as they contain excess of complex vitamin A which may adversely affect your baby’s health.

•    Milk and milk products are very essential for you as a pregnant mother. Your growing baby needs adequate quantities of calcium for building up his/her bones. There is nothing better than milk for good quality natural calcium. So, make it a habit to drink a glass of milk at least twice a day during pregnancy.

•    You must include nuts with your normal diet plan. Nuts are known as one of the best sources of certain minerals and antioxidants that are very crucial during the pregnancy period.

•    If you are already deficient in some minerals and vitamins, you should take a mineral and vitamin supplement after consulting your doctor.

•    Avoid consuming alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol may cause physical defects and emotional problems in your child.

•    Avoid consuming too many caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee during pregnancy. These drinks may have a similar adverse effect as alcoholic drinks.

Do consult your dietitian and health care provider in order to understand the basics of a good pregnancy diet.

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