The Importance of Pre Pregnancy Nutrition and Diet

There are women who can go have become pregnant and also will have miscarried without being aware of either circumstance. Still births or a child born with deformities can be the result of various reasons. But one of the reasons is poor nutrition. Hence pre pregnancy nutrition is extremely vital.

There are various steps one can take to help carry a healthy baby to the full term. Some of the measures include a folic acid pre pregnancy supplement. There are various other pre pregnancy supplements that a doctor will prescribe too.


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Folic acid is particularly essential as it helps to reduce the possibility of a child being born with spinal bifida. Folic acid can be found in leafy green vegetables, orange juice, beans, etc. Even whole cereals contain high levels of folic acid. Another essential pre pregnancy requirement is for the consumption of adequate amounts of protein. Protein is required for the development of the baby’s brain. Pre pregnancy supplements also help fight against the possibility of diabetes developing.

Pre Conception Nutrition Diet

The Pre conception nutrition diet is a diet rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins. The doctor may even prescribe Omega 3 fatty acids as a supplement. This helps in the baby’s brain development.

The doctor will do a check on the woman’s weight, her lifestyle patterns and work patterns. There will also be a check done to see if the woman is following a healthy and balanced diet. The doctor will further check on the woman’s family history to see if there are any genetic disorders that need to be treated. Similarly a check will be done on the father’s family history to check his medical records and family history. Accordingly the couple will be directed to genetic counselor and also a dietitian. In the course of the recommendations for the woman in her pre pregnancy check, the doctor will prescribe a certain amount of fat to be present in the woman’s diet. The doctor will also include a certain amount of cholesterol to be added to the woman’s diet. This is especially so as fat is required to help in the absorption of certain soluble vitamins like E, A, K and D.  These are some of the routine instructions given to a woman to help her ensure that she has an optimum and a perfectly healthy pregnancy. Besides the healthy and nutritional benefits that are derived from consumption of prenatal vitamins, the woman also gets additional benefits in terms of good hair and good skin etc.

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