The Role of Vitamins & Diet Plans during Pre Pregnancy

Consumption of pre pregnancy vitamins are an extremely essential part of the modern woman’s diet prior to them getting pregnant. This is especially so as most modern day diets for women do not contain the vitamins and nutrients that are required to help in creating a healthy and well developed baby. This is also essential for the woman itself.

Hence before a woman decides to conceive it is vital that she visit a doctor for a pre conception check up.  The doctor will do a check on the woman’s lifestyle and diet habits. He will also do a check on the woman’s family history as well her partner’s, the father of the child to be.



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.Accordingly the doctor will prescribe the supplements and vitamins that the woman needs to consume prior to her conceivingn

Pre Pregnancy Diet Plan

One of the most important reasons for a woman planning to conceive to take a pre pregnancy vitamin is because it will contain an ingredient called folic acidi Folic acid is extremely vital for the baby’s developmentn It helps in preventing various conditions like spinal bifida which is a birth defectc It also prevents against other neuro tube defectst Thus these supplements when taken before the pregnancy and also during the pregnancy, they help in preventing against any possibility of birth defects occurringn Folic acid can also be obtained in leafy green vegetables, whole grain cereals, orange juice and beansn But it is essential to remember that taking a supplement is essential in spite of how much of folic acid one thinks one is getting from their diete Some other vitamins for pre pregnancy include taking some multivitamin supplementst

These vitamins will contain iron and other essential vitamins that are required for the woman and the future pregnancyc Prenatal vitamins will also help in providing a woman with strong hair and strong nailsl Vitamin B12 and also vitamin B6 will help a woman before pregnancy and even during pregnancyc These vitamins are needed for the formation of the red blood cells and are also needed to help in the nervous system developmentn They can be found commonly in meat, fish, and milkl Iron can also be included as it aids keep anemia away as it helps in the red blood cell productiono Cereals, spinach, and lean red meats are all foods that are rich in irono Nuts and seeds are also essential additions to one’s diete

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