What vitamins or supplements would help for terrible nausea during pregnancy (1st trimester)?

(February 8, 2010)

Pregnancy can be one of the most amazing experiences that anyone could have. From the moment of conception to the time the baby is born, the mother’s body undergoes several changes. She gains a little weight, looks healthy and has a certain glow on her face that radiates happiness. However, it isn’t all smooth sailing, because the first trimester its self can bring on a lot of discomfort with the onset of morning sickness. Morning sickness has been termed so because of the fact that it generally occurs in most women during the morning half of the day. There are times when women experience evening sickness as well.

The most common cause of morning sickness or nausea and vomiting during the first trimester of the pregnancy is the hormonal imbalance in the body. The smell of food, especially meats, can cause a nauseous feeling and lead to violent bouts of vomiting. Severe bouts of morning sickness can lead to loss of fluids from the body, and thus it is very important that you drink enough of water to keep the body replenished throughout the day. Coping with morning sickness is not as easy as people make it out to be. There are, however, a few time tested methods that have helped in easing the nausea experienced during the first trimester of a pregnancy.

Large amounts of food will tend to make you feel sick, and therefore, it is advised that the three large meals consumed during the day be broken down into six or seven smaller meals spread out over the twenty four hours. There are numerous vitamins and supplements that help to overcome morning sickness, but the best proven ones are those that are obtained naturally through fruits and vegetables that you eat. Salads and fruits make a good snack through the day without causing any discomfort. Ginger is known to be extremely effective in taking care of nausea and it is for this reason that expectant mothers, in the first trimester, are advised to drink ginger tea or ginger soda. Ginger sweets are also very effective in removing a sensation of nausea. Lemons are also known to squash any feeling of nausea and have therefore been recommended for consumption during the first trimester. The vitamin C content in lemons also helps in boosting immune levels. Chewing a few cumin seeds will also help in controlling the horrible sensation. Avoid eating deep fried foods that contain lots of oil and meats, because they are more difficult to digest and will cause you to feel squeamish.

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