Morning Sickness - Trimester Wise Symptoms and Treatment

Morning sickness is one of the most common signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness can be a common feature throughout the pregnancy too. Some common causes that lead to morning sickness among women during pregnancy are low blood sugar and hormonal fluctuations.

A complete pregnancy or forty two weeks is divided into three trimesters comprising three months each. Each trimester brings new changes for a young mother and the growing child. Morning Sickness also tends to recede with every trimester.


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Overcoming Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness First Trimester

In the first trimester, morning sickness can be a result of your body’s response to certain fluids, odor or medications. Travelling, certain foods and emotional stress can also lead to morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy. Morning sickness in the first trimester is an important indication that hints at the possibility of pregnancy. Morning sickness can also lead to low weight gain among young mothers during the first trimester. Sever vomiting can be a cause for concern and a medical professional can help provide medications that can help reduce the frequency or possibility of morning sickness.

Morning Sickness Second Trimester

A young mother may continue to experience nausea and morning sickness during the second trimester as well.

Morning Sickness Third Trimester

On an average morning sickness reduces in frequency by the completion of the 3rd trimester. But some women may experience such morning sickness throughout the full term of their pregnancy.

Morning sickness during the first pregnancy is not necessarily an indicator that ensures you will undergo similar morning sickness for your next pregnancy. It is a common symptom that is most likely to subside.

Morning sickness can also be treated with varied home remedies. Altering your diet and food eating habits can also help reduce the chances of suffering from morning sickness.

Treatment for Morning Sickness During Trimesters

Some common ways to help you from morning sickness are:

  • Avoid three main meals and divide meals into five to six mini meals that help digest and enjoy foods better.
  • Dry toasts, first thing in the morning can help you deal with nausea as you wake up.
  • Ginger is an effective home remedy to aid digestion and soothe nausea. Ginger candy, ginger tea, ginger soda or simple crushed ginger can help soothe morning sickness the easy way.
  • Eat foods that are high in protein and complex carbohydrates. Avoid fatty and salty foods.
  • It is also important to avoid caffeinated and carbonated beverages. Smoking and alcohol consumption must also be completely avoided during your pregnancy.

Instant Tips: 8 Ways to Ease Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

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