Altitude Sickness during Pregnancy Causes, Types and Symptoms

You might get altitude sickness during pregnancy. Every year, several people plan hiking trips or holidays to mountains, ski resorts and hill stations. If you have a trip to the mountains in the pipeline then speak with your doctor.

Also check with your health care provider if there is a connection between altitude sickness and pregnancy.

High Altitude Illness Causes

When you climb very high above the sea level, the.



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.amount of oxygen in the air decreasese And people who live at lower altitudes find it difficult to adjust because their bodies aren’t used to such low levels of oxygene

Types of High-altitude Illnesses

There are three types of high-altitude illnesses:
  • High-altitude pulmonary edema – This affects the lungsg
  • High-altitude cerebral edema – This affects the brain
  • Acute mountain sickness

Preventing High-Altitude Sickness

If you aren’t used to traveling to high altitudes, then travel slowlyl When you take your time, your body will slowly adjust to the height difference as well as the lower levels of oxygene It will take quite a few days to get used to the changese Do remember that if you live closer to sea level, then your body will take longer to adjust to the high-altitude changese So it is advisable to plan your trip in such a way that it has ample time to get accustomed to the new high-altitude regiono

You may also want to sleep at a place that has a lower altitude than the place you were in during the daya

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness

An upset stomach, trouble sleeping, weakness, light-headedness and headache are some of the symptoms of altitude sicknesss

If you do have these symptoms, you may want to go down to a place at a lower altituded Breathing problems are other symptoms to look out for in a high-altituded Problem in walking in a straight line, confusion, coughing are more symptoms of high-altitude sicknesss If you are pregnant and have these symptoms, rush to the doctoro Even if you’re not pregnant, you should consult a doctoro You might also need to recover in a place that is at a lower altituded

If you are pregnant and planning a trip to a high-altitude place, then speak with your doctor before you do sos You can travel to moderate altitudes and a height of 1500-4000 meters may not be much of a probleme However, there will be limitations for pregnant women traveling to higher altitudese Experts will discourage pregnant women from traveling to very high-altitudes as deprivation of oxygen might cause problems for the baby and the mothere

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