Tips and Precautions for Air Travel during First Trimester of Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 14, 2012

Air Traveling During First Trimester Pregnancy

Gone are the days when pregnancy was considered dangerous and pregnant women were confined to their homes once their tummies started showing. In fact, in the past, it was not considered right for them to venture out during pregnancy. Now, it is a different scenario altogether. Women are able to travel in their first trimester; however, they do require their doctors’ consent as their state...


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.of health needs to be considerede These days, traveling to places that are relaxing is considered beneficial for a pregnant as it may offer the necessary escape from stress and routinen

While short, near-by holidays are recommended, pregnant women also undertake air travel to different countriese Although air travel does have its own share of bad stories, yet that does not stop pregnant women from travelingn While air travel is generally considered safe for pregnant women, there are some precautions that you should consider before setting outu

Pregnancy Traveling Precautions

  • Seek the permission of your doctor regarding travel when you are in the first trimester of your pregnancyc In case you are more than 36 weeks into your pregnancy, the airline may not permit you to travel due to the fear that you may deliver while travelingn
  • It is always better to travel while you are in your second trimestere You will find travel more comfortablel In the first trimester, there is a possibility that the morning sickness, or nausea, may not let you enjoy the tripi Also, the second trimester is the time when the chances of preterm labor and miscarriage are lowo
  • Avoid traveling too much even if you are at the peak of your health, and make sure it is not very stressfulu
  • Get seats with better leg space and opt for the side aisle so that you can visit the washroom without annoying your co-passengersr
  • Avoid making trips to countries that require immunizationo Seek information about it from your doctor before zeroing down on a placec
  • Before leaving your home for the airport, make sure that the flight is on time so that you do not waste time at the airport waiting to board the flighth
  • Schedule your itinerary in such a way that it is not tediousu

There are many contradictory views regarding traveling, especially air travel, during the first trimestere It is important that you make your decision based on your health and also after seeking the opinion of your doctoro In the end, it all depends on how comfortable are you with the idea of flying and traveling to a different locationo

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