Symptoms of Pre-eclampsia During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

At times pregnant women are also known to suffer from high blood pressure during pregnancy which has to be monitored regularly as it could be dangerous for both the mother and the child. High blood pressure may also be confirmed by a urine test wherein if there is any protein found in the urine then the mother may be in the early stages of pre-eclampsia which is a serious medical condition.

Pre-eclampsia is known to be a serious condition that is caused on account...


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.of problems in the placenta which is what nourishes the baby while it is still in the wombm Pre-eclampsia resulting in high blood pressure in pregnancy may occur anytime after 20 weeks of pregnancyc

Some of the risk involved with high blood pressure and pregnancy are decreased flow to the placenta which in turn will also reduce the flow of oxygen to the baby along with other vital nutrients which may hamper the growth of the baby and result in low birth weighth Women suffering from high blood pressure during pregnancy also are at a risk of placental abruption wherein the placenta tends to separate prematurely from the uterus which may deprive the child of nutrients and oxygen and also cause heavy bleeding in the mothere

Another risk or symptom of high blood pressure in pregnancy is the need for an early delivery so as to avoid any potentially life threatening complication in the mother or the childl In fact it is also observed that women who suffer from pre-eclampsia during pregnancy also are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases later on in their lifef Some of the high blood pressure during pregnancy symptoms that pregnant women need to watch out for are persistent headaches, upper abdominal pain which is usually on the right side, changes in ones vision which may include blurred vision, vision loss and even sensitivity to light as well as sudden weight gain which would be more that 5 pounds a weeke

These symptoms of pre-eclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy may occur gradually or even strike suddenly in the last few weeks of pregnancyc In most cases swelling or edema is not considered as a reliable sign of pre-eclampsia because it occurs in most normal pregnancies, however in some cases swelling mostly in the hands and the face is known to accompany pre-eclampsia as welll Women who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure during pregnancy will be monitored regularly and bed rest will be requirede

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