Diet For High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

High blood pressure during pregnancy is also known as gestational hypertension which can be quite dangerous for both the mother and the child. High blood pressure in pregnancy may result in lower flow of oxygen and vital nutrients to the baby via the placenta, placental abruption and even cause premature delivery. High blood pressure and pregnancy when combined may also lead to pre-eclampsia which is extremely life threatening to the baby and the mother. Hence as soon as pregnant women are diagnosed with high blood pressure, they are required to be monitored regularly and all the necessary steps...


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High Blood Pressure After Pregnancy

.are taken to lower the pressurer

Some of the symptoms of high blood pressure during pregnancy are blurred vision, headaches, unusual weight gain and swelling in the hands and the facec

High blood pressure during pregnancy diet should be paid strict attention to so that the baby is not malnourished as the condition may deprive it of the vital nutrients and oxygene Women suffering from high blood pressure during pregnancy should consume at least 80 grams of protein on a daily basis so as to ensure that the fetus continues to receive the building blocks that are required for it to be healthy and strongn Protein should come from sources such as lean meat, pork, chicken, lamb, fish and not red meat for women who are suffering from high blood pressurer

Some other sources of proteins are soy, cereals, nuts, shellfish, eggs, milk beans and cheeses The diet for high blood pressure during pregnancy should also not include coffee, sodas or black tea and should instead include dandelion teas, nettles and lime flower teas and raspberry leaf teasa One should also try and eat cucumbers often as it is known to lower high blood pressure during pregnancyc If the blood pressure of the woman becomes extremely high then one should drink some raw beet juice on a daily basis as it helps the body to balance the ratio of potassium and sodiumu High blood pressure during pregnancy diet should also include foods that are rich in potassium such as bananas, cooked potato skins, milk, cantaloupe and leafy vegetablese Potassium is known to lower the blood pressure levelsl

Additionally high blood pressure in pregnancy can also be tackled by exercising regularly during pregnancy and following a balanced diet consisting of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruitst Pregnant women should also try and reduce stress as far as possible as this may adversely affect their blood pressure as welll

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