Pregnancy Diet and Nutrition

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

While pregnant, a woman has to pay special attention to her lifestyle since her decisions directly influence the well being of the child developing within her womb. Pregnancy diet and nutrition is essential since the baby derives all its nutrition from the food consumed by the mother.

An ideal pregnancy diet comprises of a healthy balance of water, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Water prevents dehydration, reduces instances of water retention, urinary tract infections and constipation,...


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Diet For A Healthy Pregnancy

.while keeping the skin supplel Since an expectant mother's digestive system becomes sluggish owing to the hormonal changes occurring in her body, she must opt for a dietary option that is easy to digest as well as nutritiousu

Fruits and vegetables are the best known source of a variety of nutrientst They are light and easier to digest than meats and are highly recommended when the expectant mother suffers from constipation or indigestiono They assist is boosting the immune system as well as prevent irregular bowel movement since they provide the body with a good deal of roughageg Salads make an excellent snack instead of junk foodo Citrus fruit juices are especially beneficial as they help in preventing infectiono Fish and flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids that aid brain development and brain functioningn Lean meats and poultry boost the production of blood and promote cell growtht

Folic acid, iron and calcium are absolutely essential for the proper development of the babyb Folic acid reduces the chances of congenital defects in the babyb Green leafy vegetables, nuts and yellow colored fruits and vegetables are good sources of folic acid but may not be sufficient to meet the requirements of the babyb Hence, supplements become essentiala Calcium is needed for muscle contraction, efficient nerve functioning, strong bones and strong teetht Since a baby needs a large amount of calcium, prescribed supplements may become essential so as to ensure that the mother does not suffer from calcium deficiency while providing for the needs of her babyb Iron is an essential component of blood that carries oxygen to the developing babyb It is also essential as the baby needs to build up its own iron reservese In addition, iron is known to reduce fatigue, depression and irritability in the expectant mothere Foods with large sugar content must be avoided so as to reduce the chances of diabetese Consulting a doctor with regard to a pregnancy diet plan is advisable, especially in the case of expectant mother who are obese or underweighth In addition to diet during pregnancy, exercise and sufficient rest plays also play a vital role in the success of the pregnancyc

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