Dieting History Tied to Weight Gain in Pregnancy

By Ashley | February 10, 2010
Pregnancy Diet And Weight Gain

Your constant quest for that perfect hour glass figure meant that you tried every possible diet that is there in the book. Fitting into trendy dresses and being the center of attention can be an obsession that can get out of hand in terms of eating habits. The yo-yo diet that you’ve followed so far may have served your aspirations well. However, if you are in the process of trying to get pregnant, this history could mean a plus size figure pregnancy. In other words, your body’s tendency to balloon goes up considerably.

A recent study on this subject reveals that dieting over a period of time can make you more prone to gaining weight in pregnancy. Further, the chances increase manifold if you happened to diet just before you got pregnant. According to doctors and physicians, the recommended weight gain during pregnancy should not be more than 40 pounds if you are of normal stature. However, the numbers differ if you are underweight or overweight or if you suffer from ailments like diabetes. Consult your doctor before you get on with your diet and nutritional plan for pregnancy. Missing out on vital nutrients and minerals in the process of maintaining your figure or keeping the weight under control can have serious repercussions on you and your baby’s health.

The minute you decide to cut down on the calorie consumption, your body does not get the required amount of food that is necessary to sustain all other bodily functions and growth and rejuvenation. Instead, this puts your body on a starvation red alert.

Lack of food causes it to panic, and it starts preparing for storing reserve fat in case of emergency. So while you are dieting, you manage to get rid of the flab and get washboard abs and a slimmer look overall. However, the minute you resume eating normally, your body which is still reeling under the starvation effect, starts hoarding the fat.

The calories taken get converted into lipids and stored in your waist, thighs, hips, and arms. This is specifically the case if you have dieted just before you got pregnant. A plus size pregnancy can cause severe delivery problems, including a preterm delivery and other possible risks to the baby’s health. If you are already overweight prior to getting pregnant, do not go on any fad diet. Instead focus on eating healthy. This does not mean that you can throw caution to the wind and go absolutely food crazy. Remember, quality nutrients matter more over quantity.

Ensure to get enough nutrients like proteins and folate so as to help your baby build a healthy body with strong bones. Your motto during and after pregnancy should be “Good nutrition is important for a healthy mother and child.”

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