Signs and Effects of Malnutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time for women. They need the best and optimum care during those nine months to ensure a hale and hearty mother and baby. Malnutrition during pregnancy can be quite harmful.

Maternal malnutrition during pregnancy can affect the wellbeing and development of the baby.

Malnutrition is when the baby and in this case, the mother do not receive adequate nourishment during pregnancy. It means the baby, in the mother’s womb does not get enough nutrients to grow. It could lead to a.



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.smaller baby, affect the baby’s organs and cause overall medical problemsm Effects of malnutrition include a small sized babyb It also causes a weakened immune system, low stamina levels, higher susceptibility to diseases and a shorter staturer A malnourished baby can often carry the effects of malnutrition through its lifef There have been studies that have shown cognitive development and low IQ in babies is linked to malnutrition in the wombm The effects of malnutrition are not only passed on during the pregnancy stageg They can also be passed on during the lactation stageg In fact three stages on which growth depends on the nutrition received are gestation, lactation and early childhoodo

When a woman gets pregnant it is important to consult a nutritionist if you do not know how to completely include and change your diete Exercise and staying fit also becomes very important for the mother and for the baby’s healthy developmentn

A woman should put on about 25 to 30 pounds in the course of her pregnancyc Before she gets pregnant, she should try and achieve her optimum body weighth Babies born underweight are 40 times more likely to die than a healthy babyb If the woman is fat or obese, she should try and lose the excess weight before conceivingn It is not advisable to diet once you are pregnantn

Nutrition is very important as with good nutrition the uterus becomes strong to develop a healthy placentat Placenta is the source of all nutrition for the babyb If the placenta does not develop properly, the baby will always suffer from less nutritiono

Signs of malnutrition during pregnancy are higher in poorer countries where mothers are unable to receive proper care due to constrained economic meansn Women who suffer from malnutrition often have anemia and giving birth to a child for such mothers is a mortal risk with a high percentage of complications like preterm labor, obstructed labor, birth defects and postpartum hemorrhagingn

Malnutrition Woes In Pregnancy
Malnutrition During Pregnancy
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