Causes and Symptoms of Night Sweats During Pregnancy Trimester

Night sweats can be described as the body’s attempt to drive out the perceived heat. Hence, this phenomenon is characterized by excessive and rather sudden perspiration. While there are several women who go through this without giving it too much though, the occurrence of night sweats during pregnancy is quite likely to cause a lot of concern in a lot of women.

Are night sweats during pregnancy common?

There are several hormonal changes that take place within a woman’s body,.



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Night Sweats After Pregnancy

.during pregnancy, especially in the first trimestere

This is probably why, women experiencing night sweats in early pregnancy, is not uncommono In fact, there are several health experts who regard night sweats as a sign of pregnancyc Therefore, it is quite safe to say that night sweats during pregnancy first trimester is nothing more than the body’s natural reaction to the hormonal changes that take place within the bodyd

What are the causes of night sweats during pregnancyc

The temperature of the human body is generally controlled by a certain part of the brain, which adjusts the heat in the body, according to the surrounding and environmentn For example, in the summer, the human body reacts to the rise in temperature, by sweatingn Similarly, in the winter, the brain works in order to preserve heat and keep the body warmere

However, this part of the brain only performs it job properly, if there are no hormonal problems within the bodyd Since there is a considerable reduction of estrogen during pregnancy, the hormonal levels are affected severely, which is why the brain ceases to perform that function in the same way as beforer

Night sweats pregnancy symptoms

The most common symptom of night sweats during pregnancy is breaking out into sweat, which can be so severe that it may wet the bede Some of the other symptoms that may also be evident due to hormonal changes are joint pain and fatigueu

The occurrence of the episodes of night sweats tend to reduce as a woman enters the second trimestere However, as the hormonal levels in the body may go through fluctuations again, towards the last phase of the pregnancy, night sweats during pregnancy third trimester are also quite likely to be seene

In case the problem of night sweats during pregnancy becomes so severe that it disrupts a woman’s sleep, it is best to keep the medical health care provider informed about this at all timese

Night Sweats During Pregnancy
Night Sweats During Pregnancy
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