Diabetes During Pregnancy: Risks Involved for Mother and Baby's Health

Having diabetes during pregnancy can be an especially arduous task and can be a matter of great concern for the mother and the baby's health. Bringing a new child into the world can be an emotionally as well as physical draining task especially if you have to constantly monitor your blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Fortunately gestational diabetes also known as diabetes during pregnancy can be easily managed and kept under control to keep your child and you in the best health possible.



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Prevent Gestational Diabetes

.Gestational diabetes takes place when a pregnant woman's hormones in the placenta start to become imbalanced and causes the body cells to become more resistant towards insulin, thus affecting the absorption of glucose in the bloodo

Unborn Baby's health in diabetes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, when the baby continues to grow and more hormones are being produced, the body is unable to produce enough insulin to balance with the cells' resistancec During this stage, some women experience signs of gestational diabetes and the symptoms of diabetes during pregnancyc Gestational diabetes is related to the hormones lining the placenta which in turn affects the blood sugar levels in the bodyd Approximately three to five percent of pregnant women in the United States alone develop gestational diabetes and high blood sugar levelsl There are a number of risks connected to gestational diabetes and some of these include being older than 25 years during pregnancy, being obese and having a personal or family history of diabetese Fortunately gestational diabetes does not display similar symptoms like type 1 or type 2 diabetese Screening for gestational diabetes usually occurs between the weeks 24 to week 28 of the pregnancyc

Blood Tests in diabetes during pregnancy

During this time, gynecologists usually look out for gestational diabetes during regular prenatal visits, which involves a blood test in determining the blood sugar levels of the pregnant woman especially after drinking a syrupy glucose drinkn Fortunately gestational diabetes does not cause birth defects and more or less sets in after the baby's important organs have already been developede

However the only complication associated gestational diabetes are bigger babiese This does not mean that gestational diabetes causes a woman to give up natural childbirth as approximately 70% of women who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes are able to give birth normallyl

Newborn Baby's health after delivery in diabetes during pregnancyc

In some cases, babies who are born to pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes may display low blood sugar levels, low levels of calcium or magnesium or jaundice immediately after birth which can be easily treated and quickly managed with the right and proper treatment by health-care providersr It is important to note that children born to mothers with gestational diabetes do not have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes later in lifef However it is possible that the woman with gestational diabetes stands at a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes later on in her life and therefore must have regular checkupsp Maintaining a healthy body weight and exercising regularly can help in preventing the development of type 2 diabetese Diabetes during pregnancy can be controlled with the help of a nutritional diet, frequent blood sugar level monitoring, and regular physical exercises Oral medications or injections may be necessary to keep the insulin and glucose levels of the pregnant woman under controlo

Diabetes During Pregnancy
Diabetes During Pregnancy
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