Does your body temperature rise when you are pregnant?

(September 2, 2013)

Yes, your body temperature rises when you are pregnant. A rise in body temperature during pregnancy is due to an increase of progesterone in the expectant mother's body. There may be other reasons for the rise in body temperature when you are pregnant.

A woman's basal body temperature (the temperature she has on waking in the morning and before any physical activity) is usually between 96.0 and 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit just before ovulation. This basal body temperature usually spikes about .4 to .6 degrees right after ovulation. This is when a woman is most fertile. If conception occurs during this fertile window, the basal body temperature remains raised, even two weeks after ovulation. This slight rise in body temperature is indicative of pregnancy and is considered one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, even before a missed period.

As mentioned earlier, this body temperature rise during pregnancy is due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Another reason for an elevated body temperature when pregnant is that the metabolic rate of the body increases. This leads to a marginal increase in body temperature during pregnancy.

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