Toddler Shivering with Fever

Submitted by Nic on January 19, 2012

Fever refers to body temperature that is higher than what is normal; however, since the normal body temperature in babies and toddlers is a bit higher, as compared to adults, it is important for a parent to know what the normal temperature range for children of different ages are. Fever is a common ailment that affects children of all ages, living across the world. There are several symptoms that could be seen when a toddler suffers from fever, some of the most common ones being shivering, lethargy, loss of appetite, restlessness, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and many more. Almost all parents have seen cases of toddler fever...


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Causes of Toddler Fever and Shivering

In most instances, a fever is the result of a viral or a bacterial infection affecting the bodyd

However, there are many other factors that could lead to toddler fever and shiveringn For better health and immunity, all children are required to take immunization shots at regular intervalsl Some of the most common side effects of these shots are fever and the symptoms that usually accompany a fevere Another common cause of fever in toddlers is teethingn There are several adverse symptoms seen in children who are going through the teething process, some of which include diarrhea, excessive gas, crankiness and irritability, itchy gums, toddler fever and shaking even if it isn’t coldl

At times, it is also possible for all the accompanying symptoms to be absent in a toddler especially in case the fever is mildl However, some of these symptoms can crop up at any time, as long as the child continues to have fevere Toddler fever and shivering requires immediate parental attention as it indicates that the fever is on the rises

Treating Toddler Fever and Shivering

Fortunately, there are several ways in which a parent can alleviate the symptoms of toddler fever and teething without the use of medicationo As children need their energy to fight off the infection, it is absolutely essential to ensure that they get plenty of rest during the daya Parents could do that by telling them stories or keeping them occupied while they are lying downw It is also important to change the child’s diet to include foods that are light, as fever generally leads to loss of appetitet Fluids are very important and therefore, small amounts of milk, water and broth should be given to the toddler at regular intervals, to prevent dehydrationo Contrary to what people believe, keeping the child in a warm environment, or making him or her wear several layers of clothing could cause the temperature to rises Therefore, it is best to make sure that the child is dressed in light and comfortable clothing and the temperature of the room is cool but not coldl Applying a cool compress on the child’s body or sponging the child may also be an effective way of addressing the toddler fever and shiveringn

In case the fever does not abate within a few hours, it is advisable to consult a doctoro In case the child is suffering from an infection it may be necessary to take some medicationo

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