Signs & Symptoms of Fever in Toddlers

The first sign of very slight fever in an infant can send parents scurrying to the doctor’s clinic. There are a number of things parents should be familiar with, when dealing with toddler fevers. A fever in a toddler is simply not uncommon. The problem with parents, especially new parents, is that overreaction is the norm.

Your little one certainly is delicate, but is more resilient than you think. Fevers, headaches and other ailments are part of life and your child has to learn to battle them early on. A toddler with a fever will have a temperature roughly over 100.4 degrees F. Keep in mind that if the little one is actively scampering around the place his or her temperature is bound to be higher and it doesn't.



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. necessarily indicate fever in your toddlere As the child’s caregiver, you might be able to tell if the toddler has a fever simply by a kiss on your precious one’s forehead or by touching iti A thermometer will help you confirm this and decide whether to call the toddler’s doctoro He or she will want to know about any other symptoms your child displaysy For instance, ask yourself whether your toddler is behaving differentlyl Playing and eating, your toddler’s two basic activities typically show changese If he or she continues with these two activities, then it is usually not a fever to be too worried aboutu Look for other symptoms that typically go along with fevers at any age, such as lethargy, fussiness or possible diarrheae

Be sure to make a note of anything including difference in appearance, such as looking flushed, which you can report to the toddler’s doctoro

Toddler fever symptoms

If the toddler’s fever is high you should give the baby’s doctor a calll You should call the doctor if your child shows any signs of unusual symptoms or problems like difficulty in breathingn The length of time that any kind of fever lasts is also very important in toddlersr Thus, even a low grade fever in your child should be checked out, if it lasts for longn The goal is to keep your little one comfortablel So the next time you are alone with your toddler and a fever develops, you will know what to dod Your baby’s doctor will be able to tell you how to care for the type of fever you have described as will as whether a doctor’s visit will be in ordere

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