Treatment For Toddler Fever and Flu

Toddlers develop fever due to bacterial or viral infections that are usually nothing to panic about if the child is otherwise healthy. Gastroenteritis and common cold are the two major causes for fever in toddlers and these do not require treatment, only precautionary measures at home. But if the fever occurs in a child below 3-4 months it would be advisable to consult a doctor as a child on breast milk is not likely to develop any infection.

Toddler fever treatment begins with taking the toddler’s temperature. Use a digital thermometer as it will not take time to get a reading and a rectal reading would be accurate.


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A rectal temperature can be obtained by holding your child down across your knees, chest facing downwards. Lubricate the thermometer with water soluble jelly and insert into the child’s rectum by ¼-1 inch. If the fever is above 100.4 F, steps will have to be taken to bring it down as soon as possible.

You may bathe the child in warm water, but make sure that it is not for more than ten minutes in an hour. The child can also be wiped down with a warm cloth if you wish to avoid the bath. The toddler should be dressed in light, loose clothes preferably cotton and covered with a light blanket as overdressing hampers evaporation from the body. The child is likely to be dehydrated and must be given clear fluids like warm water, chicken soup or a solution made from a liter of water, the juice of a lemon and salt and sugar. This will orally rehydrate the child and refurnish the body with its lost electrolytes.

Toddler Flu Treatment

Toddler flu treatment is tricky as the symptoms of flu tend to overlap with the symptoms of viral and other infections. If the toddler has a fever above 101 F accompanied by a headache, muscle pains, chills, exhaustion, a runny nose and dry cough, the flu is the likely culprit. If there are signs of congestion before the onset of fever, then it is likely that the child has developed a common cold. If otherwise, keep the child away from the day care centre or other sick members of the family from whom the flu was passed on. Start the toddler flu treatment by giving the child plenty of rest and encouraging him/her to drink fluids that are not caffeinated beverages or soft drinks. Soup, broth and frozen fruit bars and unflavored oral rehydrate solutions will battle the flu and remedy the likely dehydration. If the symptoms persist beyond four days, consult a doctor immediately.

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