Causes & Symptoms of Toddler Headache During Fever

As part of growing up, toddlers go through all kinds of ailments such as ear aches and diarrhea. A headache and fever in a toddler is usually commonplace, just like a headache and fever in an adult, but will require medical advice. It is just one of the many possible accompanying symptoms of fevers.

Other symptoms that will usually crop up in your toddler include loose motions, ear pain or possibly a sore throat. These accompanying symptoms usually help judge the severity of the fever and the reason for its appearance. To give you an idea, ear pain .



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. Which comes along with fever, as well as a possible tummy upset, might indicate an ear infectiono

On the other hand, if it is a runny nose that you see, it could be the result of a simple coldl Since it is a child in discomfort, it is probably best to give the doctor a calll If the two symptoms of a fever and headache are accompanied by problems of lack of appetite, irritability as well as vomiting, you should get in touch with your health care practitioner without delaya The combination of these, and possibly a stiff neck could indicate meningitis, which is a major probleme It essentially refers to an inflammation of your body’s meninges (membranes) which is the work of a virus or possibly bacteriai If it strikes when your child is just around 2 months of age, then the term used is neonatal meningitisi In older babies, if this illness is the result of a virus, you will usually find that it isn’t as severer

However, bacterial meningitis not only attacks rather swiftly, but also is a matter of great concernr

Causes of Toddler Fever Headache

Toddler fever headaches are usually quite upsetting for the little onen What they need is comfort along with reassurance that the headache and feeling of discomfort will get bettere The toddler might find some relief from the fever with a sponge bath using lukewarm water or a direct bath (again using lukewarm water)r What you shouldn’t use is rubbing alcohol, which simply wasn’t intended for childrene When trying ways to ease your little one’s fever remember that over-the-counter prescriptions are not tailored for your toddler’s requirementst Your baby’s doctor is best qualified to let you know the steps to follow depending on the fever and other symptomsm A follow up doctor’s visit, if the fever persists, might be called foro

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