Measles in Toddlers

By Kieth | December 20, 2011
Measles In Toddlers

Toddlers have a developing immune system and are therefore more susceptible to picking up illnesses or being affected by viruses that are present in the air. The measles virus is one that tends to affect children at a very young age, causing high fever and difficulty in breathing. Measles in toddlers is a commonly occurring phenomenon, and children should be vaccinated to protect themselves against such an illness. The classic symptoms of measles in toddlers include a runny nose, fever, infection of the lungs and redness of the eyes. An itchy rash will appear sooner or later, confirming the occurrence of measles. The measles virus is highly contagious and it is advisable that children suffering from measles be kept in isolation till they are considered fit to socialize.

They should be given healthy foods to help reinforce the immune system. Their body needs to be made capable of fighting against the illness. German measles in toddlers is caused by the rubella virus. The rubella virus is present in the bodies of almost all children and will occur without being noticed. It was the German doctors who first discovered the eponymous disease. Children will bounce back from German measles in approximately three days. Expectant mothers who are affected by the rubella virus, however, may not be so lucky and may even experience severe complications with the pregnancy itself. The symptoms of German measles are similar to those displayed by a common flu.

There are no specific methods of how to treat measles in toddlers. Giving them fruits and vegetables to eat will play a very important role in providing nutrition to the body that will reinforce the immune system and help to fight off the illness. You can give your little one barley water, orange or lemon juice and other such healthy drinks. Once he starts improving, give him lots of fruits. Making your child feel comfortable should be your primary objective. Children need a lot of love and affection at times like these, and doing so will have a great impact on his or her recovery. He will be irritable and easily perturbed at this time. Comfort and be with him throughout.

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