What are the conditions during Pneumonia in Toddlers?

(April 19, 2010)

Toddlers are extremely susceptible to illnesses of the respiratory system, and pneumonia is a condition that can affect them very early in life. Due to the under developed immune system at that early stage, a toddler can be caused to get ill by the slightest possible infection. Toddlers that have persistent colds and congested chests are more likely to develop a condition of pneumonia than their older siblings, who have a more developed immune system.

Fungi, virus or bacteria that are present in the air and take their toll on a toddler are the primary cause for the development of a condition of pneumonia. Pneumonia affects the lungs and causes difficulty in breathing and respiratory problems that could have a devastating effect. The first few signs of pneumonia in toddlers include a sore throat that is accompanied by a cough and a heavy cold. Congestion of the lungs is caused by the secretions of mucus that lodge themselves in the respiratory tract and do not allow the free movement of air through the bronchioles. The inability of the body to provide oxygen for the functioning of its various parts leads to a change in the color of the skin to a purplish blue, which is alarming. Toddlers may also develop a fever and feel extremely lethargic when developing pneumonia.

When a toddler is diagnosed with pneumonia, it is always advisable to solicit medical advice from your pediatrician. Most often, a doctor will place a stethoscope on the child’s chest and be able to tell you if there is cause for concern, by just listening to the breathing pattern that your child is currently following. After this procedure is completed, the doctor may ask for samples of sputum and blood to be tested for the bacteria that cause pneumonia. Keeping the child’s chest protected at all times will prevent the condition from worsening. Giving the toddler plenty of warm fluids, such as soup, will help to dislodge most of the mucus that is causing distress in breathing. Adding ginger and garlic to the daily diet is known to be especially beneficial in assisting to clear out any congestion that is experienced in the chest, and also helps to reduce the inflammation of the breathing tubes. Keeping your toddler indoors and out of the cold and damp weather will definitely help to avoid worsening the condition. Hot steam baths have their own benefits and are recommended for toddlers who are experiencing respiratory complications

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