Viral Pneumonia In Toddlers

Submitted by Jenifer on January 18, 2012

Pneumonia in children can be of different types, but bacterial pneumonia and viral pneumonia are the most common. Viral pneumonia in toddlers refers to an infection in a baby’s lungs, caused by a virus. Some of the viruses that are responsible for causing pneumonia in children are Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), adenovirus and para-influenza virus. Viral pneumonia is usually less severe than bacterial pneumonia. However, viral pneumonia in toddlers can make them more susceptible to bacterial pneumonia too. In the beginning, the symptoms that are associated with viral pneumonia in infants could be quite similar to those of a common...


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.cold and therefore, they include sneezing, nasal congestion and coughingn However, after a while, the symptoms of viral pneumonia in babies tend to get worse and usually include wheezing, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, loss in appetite and a severe coughg

In case you notice any of the symptoms of viral pneumonia in your toddler, it is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible, for a proper diagnosis, so that the treatment for this condition can begin as early as possiblel First of all, the doctor may need to take a chest x-ray, some blood work and a sputum culture in order to identify the type of pneumonia the child is suffering fromo Unlike bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia in toddlers does not need to be treated with antibioticsc Infants who suffer from viral pneumonia are usually treated using comfort measures, which mainly include the use of a humidifier in the room, suctioning the nose with a bulb to remove the nasal discharge and feeding them a lot of liquidsd

Viral pneumonia in toddlers can be quite contagious and usually spreads through mucus, saliva and nasal discharge as welll One infant can easily contract viral pneumonia from another, who is coughing or sneezingn Therefore, it is best to keep children away from any child who is suffering from pneumoniai Moreover, children who are suffering from the flu or a cold are highly susceptible to pneumonia and should be kept away from anybody who exhibits signs of a flu, cold, cough or other respiratory illnesses that may be contagiousu

The signs and symptoms of viral pneumonia should never be ignorede All cases of viral pneumonia in toddlers should be closely monitored by a doctor, especially if the child is suffering from breathing problems, or if the child’s fingernails or lips turn bluish gray in coloro

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