What are the Causes and Signs of Bronchitis in Toddlers?

Submitted by Nic on August 14, 2012

Bronchitis is an inflammation or infection of the air passages or airways to the lungs. Bronchitis in toddlers is caused when your little one has a sore throat, cold, sinus, or flu infection which spreads to the air passages or bronchi. Once the virus takes hold in this area, the bronchi become inflamed, swollen, and get partly congested with mucus. Bronchitis in toddlers is generally caused due to viruses, although in some cases it could be caused due to irritants such as dust, fumes, and cigarette smoke.


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Other causes of bronchitis in toddlers could be bacterial infections.

So what are the signs of bronchitis in toddlers?

Symptoms of bronchitis in toddlers could begin with cold symptoms such as fatigue, sore throat, chills, a runny nose, aches, and fever.

He/she will gradually develop a cold which to begin with is unproductive and dry but later winds up producing yellowish or greenish mucus. Your toddler may also vomit or gag while coughing. Your child may also exhibit symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and might complain of pain in his/her chest. Chronic bronchitis in toddlers is usually seen in those toddlers who live with someone who smokes.

Causes of bronchitis in toddlers

As mentioned earlier, bronchitis in toddlers is usually caused due to a virus and there is not much your health care provider can do to help. However, it is important to call your health care provider for a diagnosis, or if you need some reassurance. Also, let him/her know if the condition is getting worse or it the fever persists and/or tops 103 °F. Let your doctor know if your child is wheezing or coughing up blood. In case you find that your child has difficulties breathing, call the emergency services. As far as bronchitis in toddlers treatment is concerned, it is best to avoid giving your child strong medicines. Here are some easy to follow home remedies that can help treat bronchitis in toddlers.

  • Ensure that your toddler/child drinks plenty of fluids as this will help thin the mucus present in the windpipe and allow your child to breathe easily.
  • Cover your child and ensure that he or she wears something warm that also protects his/her chest from the cold.
  • Make sure you remove any smoke present in your child’s environment. This includes firewood and cigarette smoke.
  • Cover your toddler effectively with some warm clothing and take him/her out for some fresh air.
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