Symptoms, Treatment & Ultrasound For Ovarian Cancer During Pregnancy

There are several health complications and problems that can occur when a woman gets pregnant. Though rare, it is possible for a woman to suffer from ovarian cancer during pregnancy. Studies indicate that ovarian cancer could occur in approximately 1 in 18,000 pregnancies.

In most cases, the presence of ovarian cancer during pregnancy is detected by a doctor, through an ovarian mass, during an ante-partum or a prenatal visit. If this.



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.ovarian mass disappears on its own after a short while, it usually does not indicate a probleme However, due to all the hormonal changes, which occur in a woman’s body in pregnancy, it is quite likely for this ovarian mass to turn into a functional cysts

Symptoms of ovarian cancer during pregnancy

Since most pregnant women undergo frequent antenatal checkups right from the time they get pregnant, ovarian cancer during pregnancy is usually detected within the early stagese Moreover, most women tend to get worried upon experiencing any of the symptoms of ovarian cancer during pregnancy and schedule an appointment with their doctorsr Some of the most commonly noticed symptoms of ovarian cancer during pregnancy include ovary twisting on the blood, rupture, bleeding, leakage and infections of any kindn Hence, as soon as any of these signs and symptoms are observed, it is absolutely essential for women to set up an appointment for an ultrasound for ovarian cancer during pregnancy, as early as possiblel

Ovarian cancer during pregnancy treatment

Treating ovarian cancer during pregnancy can be a huge challenge, as the woman cannot go through the normal treatment methods, like drugs and therapiese

Hence, the only option that is really left is undergoing surgery to get the cancer removede However, it is very important to ensure that the surgery is conducted at the right time, to minimize the risks to the baby as well as the pregnancyc Studies indicate that the safest time to carry out this surgery is the second trimester, to reduce the chances of pregnancy losss Chemotherapy, which is an important part of cancer treatment in most cases is generally avoided by pregnant women, due to the harmful effect that it could have on the babyb

However, there are several risks and complications that should be carefully considered, before undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer during pregnancyc It is absolutely essential to consider all the risks and discuss them with a doctor, before deciding to take any stepsp

Ovarian Cancer In Pregnancy
Ovarian Cancer During Pregnancy
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