Remedies for Sore Abdominal Muscles During Pregnancy

You are thirteen weeks into your pregnancy and the tiny baby bump is becoming quite visible now. Oh, what joy—but why do you feel so sore around your tummy when you haven’t even lifted a pillow, let alone done a heavy duty workout?

The pain is quite similar to how you used to feel after performing intense workouts. Your body and ligaments used to feel stretched and tense. The aches and sores were a way of your body telling you “Ouch! I am stretched.” Consider this soreness as...


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...a message from your tummy—it’s getting stretched to make space for your little one to grow and nourish. Usually by the twelfth week, your belly starts to grow in size.

Usually by the twelfth week, your belly starts to grow in size. In other words, the ligaments and muscles around your tummy start to stretch, thus making space for the uterus to grow and hold your baby. By the time you are well advanced into your pregnancy, the stomach muscles start separating, which can leave you with a sensation of soreness and tenderness around the area.

The aches and pains in the initial stage of your pregnancy are pretty mild in nature and are basically the ligaments complaining aloud. What can add to this discomfort is the frequent rubbing of your clothing against your stomach, making it feel even more raw and tender.

Belly Conditions During Pregnancy

Some common signs that will give you an indication of belly growth include muscle spasms, soreness and tenderness around the belly button area, and muscle aches. Most women, especially if you happen to be a first timer, tend to mistake sore abdominal muscles during pregnancy for the baby’s kick; that is just a misconception. The fetus hasn’t fully formed yet and is not strong enough to land a punch or a kick. Besides, the uterus does not have any nerve endings to feel your baby move. Only when your baby grows strong enough to kick, does the impact register on your tummy muscles as pain.

Sore abdominal muscles during pregnancy are normal. The good news is that the soreness eases within a few weeks time. Just like your muscles get used to an exercise routine, the tummy muscles get acquainted with the idea of stretching and are more or less cooperative thereafter.

Remedies for Sore Abdominal Muscles During Pregnancy

There are ways to ease sore abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Some simple tried and tested tips involve massaging your tummy and the navel area with a mild moisturizing lotion or baby oil, taking a warm bath, and using a pillow to support your belly when you sleep sideways. You can also do hot fomentation to soothe your aching tummy muscles.

Apart from following these remedies, also take necessary precaution to avoid aggravating the pain. Wear loose fitting clothing. Avoid those tight jeans and panties. Invest in a couple of grandma undies that go over the belly. Most importantly, do not stretch. If you can’t reach the cookie jar on the top shelf—call for help.

However, if the pain persists or seems to be getting worse, consult your gynecologist. Do not self medicate with pain killers.

Sore Abdominal Muscles In Pregnancy
Sore Abdominal Muscles During Pregnancy
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