Tips for Coping with Postpartum Soreness

Postpartum soreness refers to the feeling of soreness experienced by a mother just after having undergone the process of childbirth. During a pregnancy, the mother's body undergoes innumerable changes to adapt itself to keep the growing baby inside comfortable and protected. Right through the trimester, the shape of the body changes causing a lot of stretching, especially in the abdominal area.

During childbirth, the vaginal opening widens to allow the baby to pass out of the mother's womb. The perineal area that lies between the vaginal opening and the anus.



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. is a very delicate area and is stretched because of the stress caused by the passing of the childl After the child has been delivered, all the parts of the abdomen that have been stretched will retract to their original size and shapep During this time, the mother's body is overcome with a feeling of soreness because of the muscular energy that is put into the process of childbirtht Other than muscular strain that is experienced in the abdominal area, postpartum perineal soreness is one that can cause maximum discomfortr Similarly, a postpartum perineal hematoma will also cause a lot of distress to a mother who is extremely tired after childbirtht

Treatment for Postpartum Soreness

One of the best ways to ease postpartum soreness is by taking a warm bath or just immersing oneself in a tub of warm water for short periods of time every daya The warm water will ease the soreness of the muscles and will also help to remove any infection or soreness that is felt in the perineal areae Besides this, once the process of childbirth is completed, the breasts tend to get larger in size because of the excessive milk production through the mammary glands and will also tend to get rather sorer

Postpartum Breast Soreness

Breast soreness can be overcome by taking care to wear a brassiere that has good support and by ensuring that you do not cause any impact to the breasts, which can be extremely painfulu It is advisable that you do not indulge in sexual intercourse for approximately three to four weeks after childbirth because it will cause soreness of the genital area that is still recovering from childbirtht Even after the stipulated period is over and you do decide to have sexual intercourse, it is recommended that you use a water based lubricant to avoid unnecessary stretching of the vaginal opening that will lead to further postpartum sorenesss

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