Postpartum Bleeding After Intercourse

Submitted by Nic on January 19, 2012
Studies indicate that most women who have had a baby recently have the tendency to avoid sexual activities for a few weeks. There are several familial, emotional, physical and hormonal changes that a woman goes through, after giving birth, which is probably why she prefers putting her sex life on hold for a while. There are many women who also suffer from stress, depression and anxiety in the postpartum period. Health experts also advise women to resume their normal sexual activities after a delivery, only once they have gone through a physical check up and have received a “go ahead” from their doctors. This is because the perineum and the...


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...uterus need to heal after delivery which could take up to six weeks. Moreover, women usually wait for postpartum bleeding to stop, before engaging in sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, upon resuming normal sexual activities, there are several women who experience postpartum bleeding after intercourse.

What is postpartum bleeding after intercourse?

Postpartum bleeding refers to the flow of vaginal blood seen, after the birth of a baby. All women experience postpartum bleeding, for at least a couple of weeks after their babies are born. This bleeding usually stops on its own. However, there are some women who also face the problem of postpartum bleeding after intercourse. At times, the bleeding after sex could last for a couple of hours but there have been women who have suffered from postpartum bleeding after intercourse for 4 or 5 days. Moreover, there are different factors that lead to postpartum bleeding after intercourse. First of all the cervix, which is still healing may get disturbed and could bleed. Moreover, orgasms can make the uterus contract, which also causes light bleeding. In case a woman experiences other symptoms like postpartum pain after intercourse, there could be a possibility of infections like Chlamydia. Hormonal changes in a woman’s body continue after childbirth too, which is also a cause for postpartum bleeding.

There are many women who believe that they are suffering from postpartum menstruation after intercourse, because the flow of blood is either heavy or due to the fact that the bleeding lasts for a couple of days. In case the postpartum bleeding after intercourse is too severe or if the flow is too heavy, it may be best to consult a doctor immediately. Even though bleeding during the postpartum period after intercourse is not uncommon, it could be a cause for concern, which is why it needs to be checked immediately.

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