What Causes Postpartum Gas & How To Treat It

There are plenty of different postpartum problems that could affect the mother and postpartum gas is just one of them. It is the profound lifestyle changes following the act of giving birth that could be behind the issue of gas. One has to appreciate that a new mother is constantly hassled and is typically running around all the time.

Her entire sleep schedule goes for a toss and she tends to not pay attention to her own needs. It is not uncommon for such women to not pay attention to the kind of food consumed or the times one eats one's meals. Certain foods are.



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.known for this problem such as foods that are known to be high in fiber contentn There is also the factor of air which is swallowed which could lead to this probleme Look at alternative sources which could have led to this gas problem such as antibiotics or irritable bowel syndromem

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There are a number of things that you, as a new mother, can do to avoid such problemsm The first step would be to keep a check on your meals and meal timingsg It would be best for your overall health to have your meals regularlyl This would aid the digestive process and it would also be better if you ate more often and if you had smaller mealsl This is because your hours are likely to be erratic and it would be best to keep your body going with these smaller meals, as long as they are nutritiousu

This ensures that you have the energy to keep up with the baby all through the daya While vegetables are always a great choice, your postpartum gas problem means that you should stay away from certain foods, including vegetables, which are known for their propensity to lead to gas formationo Such vegetables would include cabbage and some fiber rich foods like beansn

It would be best to get this much needed fiber from other sources such as wholesome cereals which do not have the unnecessary added sugarsr There are other triggers for gas such as the various carbonated drinks that so many people consumem You might want to see to it that you avoid swallowing air when you are consuming any food and so it is best not to eat in a hurry or talk while eatingn There could be other ways that that air is causing a gas problem such as if you have been chewing gumu Paying attention to the kinds of eatables and drinks you have can thus help with this particular probleme

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