Reasons For Skin Problems During Postpartum Depression & Cure

You have gone through a sea of changes right from pregnancy until childbirth, and you find that you have still more issues to grapple with. One of these is postpartum skin conditions that can be bothersome when you long to look fabulous. Just as your whole body takes quite some time to get back to normal, your skin will take a long time to get back its texture.

The skin that might have been glowing with oestrogen will now be replaced with acne, spots, and dark splotches. All these changes happen due to hormonal fluctuations.


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Skin Problem Causes During Postpartum Depression

Postpartum skin changes are caused due to the increase in melanin production, and the dark spots will eventually fade away may be when you start weaning the baby. You can use sunscreens for the dark spots. For any other blemishes, you may use skin care products with benzoyl peroxide or glycolic acid. Avoid salicylic based products until then as they can be harmful. Postpartum skin changes can be made better with ample intake of vegetables and fruits, and plenty of water, which will replenish your skin with antioxidants and help revive the complexion. Find more about skin care @ Skin Care During Pregnancy

The most worrying changes in skin postpartum are stretch marks. These marks are due to hormonal changes and stretching of the skin, and can appear on breasts, hips, thighs, and abdomen. They may never disappear completely, but will fade away over a period of time. They do appear in spite of using lotions and creams that are said to prevent stretch marks.

You can exercise and eat right to reduce the stretch marks.

Remedies for Skin Problems During Postpartum Depression

There are simple ways in which you can bring back the lustre to your skin. You can use gentle scrubs and polishing kits to refresh your skin, which will help in exfoliating the dead cells and make your skin smooth. Use moisturizers that will replenish the skin and improve skin tone as well as reduce dark spots or acne.

For overall skin health, start with mild exercises that will help regain your strength, improve muscle strength, and help relieve stress. Exercises will also help you to beat postpartum blues, which can affect your skin on the whole. Toning exercises, brisk walking, swimming, etc. will help you get into shape and in the process tighten your skin. It is important to not look at short term benefits; take your time to restore your strength and well being.

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