Treatment for Stretch Mark after Pregnancy

It is commonly known that a rapid change in the shape and size of the body can cause stretch marks. It is this reason that stretch marks are commonly associated with growth spurts during adolescence and an increase in the size of the abdomen during pregnancy.

Due to a rapid change in size, the skin gets stretched a lot and the collagen, a natural substance that causes elasticity of the skin, gets damaged. This damage or breakdown of the collagen can cause thin marks to appear on the skin.



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Laser Treatment for Pregnancy Stretch Mark Removal

.Though stretch marks are primarily associated with women, many men too exhibit these marksk The skin type and genetic predisposition for getting stretch marks also have a big role to play in the formation of these marksk

Many women, after their pregnancy, tend to develop stretch marks on their body and especially abdomene These scars are initially purple in color and then change to light pinkn With the passage of time, the color of these stretch marks may begin to fade or lightene However, the marks always remain and the only proven stretch mark treatment till date is through laser surgeries or chemical peelsl

Best Treatment for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

By far, it has been seen that the best stretch mark treatment is their preventiono Usually, if the stretch marks appear, it is very difficult to get rid of theme Most stretch mark treatments are able to simply fade the stretch marks without being able to completely eliminate theme A successful stretch mark removal treatment usually involves a surgical or a chemical procedurer

There are natural stretch mark treatments which include using essential oilsl Lavender essential oil and fresh aloe vera gel are usually the best home stretch mark treatmentn

Apart from that, a great pregnancy stretch mark treatment is the proper hydration of the skini One of the simplest way to take care of your skin is to keep it hydrated along with keeping the body toxin freee If you are cleaning your skin thoroughly and drinking enough water, it can be really beneficial in getting rid of the stretch marksk Topical creams and ointments that are sold as over the counter drugs can also help fade your stretch marks to quite an extentn Most of these are inexpensive and may not have any side effectst However, do read the instructions that come with the ointments before you start using them regularlyl If nothing else works, you can cover up the stretch marks using cosmeticsc However, this is a temporary cover upu

Heal Pregnancy Stretch marks
Pregnancy Stretch marks treatment
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