Causes And Treatments for Postpartum Backache

Many women experience postpartum backache that is almost as painful and uncomfortable as pregnancy backache. There are many factors that contribute to postpartum backache, mainly, the changes that the body undergoes during pregnancy, changes in posture and a prolonged strain on the back.

Your uterus expands a great deal to accommodate your baby and this weakens your abdominal muscles and lower back. Even after your baby is born, the stomach and abdominal muscles and your lower back need time to recover.


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Another common cause of postpartum backache is a difficult and long labor.

Reasons for Postpartum Backache

Most pregnant women who have had a very difficult labor tend to use muscles during childbirth that they don't otherwise exercise. This may lead to postpartum backache in some cases. New mothers who are breastfeeding for the first time tend to hunch their back a great deal and don't have the right posture for breastfeeding. This may also cause postpartum backache that will last for a while after childbirth. Caring for a newborn child is a lot of hard work and most mothers tend to experience postpartum backache just from the strain caused by tending to the newborn. If you have experienced backache during or before your pregnancy, then there is a good chance that you will experience equally severe postpartum backache.

Postpartum backache can last for the first couple of months after childbirth but generally its intensity and duration depends upon whether or not you have had a history of backache and your weight. Postpartum backache can generally be relieved with the help of some light exercise. You can either follow a simple everyday exercise routine to help tone your stomach and abdominal muscles again. This will help you lose weight and control postpartum backache.

Alternatively, you can go for a brisk walk at least twice every day to help reduce postpartum backache. Pay attention to your posture as this will help control your backache.

Remedies for Postpartum Backache

Sit with your back straight while breastfeeding and nursing your baby. You can try to keep your feet raised with the help of a footstool while nursing to help relieve postpartum backache. Try and experiment with various breastfeeding positions to help reduce postpartum backache. Try a lying down position if your neck and shoulder muscles feel stiff. While caring for a postpartum backache, it is essential that you get an adequate amount of rest. Do not lift heavy objects and ensure that you have help with lifting and carrying things at home. Squat with your knees bent to pick up things from the floor rather than bending your waist. This will help relieve postpartum backache by putting lesser pressure on your back.

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