What Are Signs & Reasons For Postpartum Hair loss

Postpartum hair loss is common issue after delivery. There are three stages in which the hair grows: the growing stage is called the anagen. This is then followed by the next stage which is the transition stage and is known as the catagen.

The final stage is the resting stage when the hair is ready to be shed and this stage is known as the telogen. The hair grows dater in the first stage and this a why the hair looks thicker and then after delivery the hair goes into the catagen stage and finally the last stage which is the telogen stage also known as telogen effluvium.



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Hair Fall After Pregnancy

.where the hair remains for 100 days and then starts sheddingn It usually begins after 3-4 months of pregnancyc The problem could last for a few months or up to a yeara

Symptoms for Postpartum Hair loss

Symptoms are not very prominent for hair loss postpartum as we lose at least 100 - 120 strands of hair a daya So while combing your hair, you do notice at times that you are losing a little more hair than usuala It's when huge chunks of hair fall or come into you are hand even when you run your fingers through them that you can actually realize that you are losing more hair than normala You can also notice it if there are strands of hair left on your pillow after a nap or a sleepe

Causes of Hair Loss Postpartum

The hair loss is caused due to the hormone changes in the body which happen mainly after deliveryr During pregnancy, your hormones lock the hair roots due to which there is no hair falll Telogen effluvium happens when a person goes through a traumatic stage due to physical or mentala

The estrogen level in a women's body goes down (which during pregnancy is very high) and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stageg Post partum hair loss is experienced when the estrogen level is back to normala It does feel that a lot of hair is falling off but it's only the hair that had not fallen during pregnancy is now fallingn This is not caused due to the baby feedingn

Preventing Hair Loss Postpartum

Though postpartum hair loss makes one feel they're going bald, it is only about losing the extra hair that has grown during pregnancyc In order to prevent postpartum hair loss one could have a new hairstyle even a short hair cut would do much more benefits, this would reduce the hair fall and reduce the hair from thinningn For postpartum hair loss treatment one could all use some moose or gels to add volume to your hairi One can also try using fresh onion juice to treat this probleme Use an onion which is cut in half and rub it on your scalp as this will aid hair growtht

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