Tips for choosing hair accessories for toddler

Submitted by Jenifer on May 17, 2013

Hair accessories are important in toddlers because long hair can get irritating for toddlers, causing their eyes to strain and could affect their vision. Toddlers are not very cooperative about letting their parents manage their hair.


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That's where hair accessories come into play for toddlers. It’s also important to select the hair accessories correctly because toddlers tend to put small things into their mouth, especially shiny and bright things.

Most mommy websites and forums suggest cutting bangs for your toddler if they are reluctant to let you pin back their hair.

That attempt is usually difficult on its own along with the mothers being reluctant to cut their baby’s hair. Toddlers tend not to let mothers anywhere close to their hair with scissors! The trick about using hair accessories on toddlers is finding a way to get the toddler to keep the accessory on.

  • Choose colour and material well – shiny, bright and favourite colours for the child are a good idea but ensure that they are safe – small shiny stones are a choking hazard so that’s something you should avoid selecting.
  • Use slightly larger rubber bands that are tangle free to make the experience comfortable for your toddler. If the band is slightly larger, there is a less chance of your toddler removing it and choking on it.
  • Hair bands are ideal but often come in not-so-child-friendly materials. Ideally you should use cloth bands to keep the hair off your toddler’s face.
  • Hair clips tend to slide off. It’s important to have clips that keep hair in place but not aggravate your toddler into yanking them off or they being small enough to slide off on their own.
  • You can also use bows and ribbons to hold her back but choking or entangling in the ribbon is also a threat that works against using such items.

One of the proven ways of getting a child to keep the hair accessory on is to motivate the child to make that decision. Involve your child in choosing which accessory she would like to wear. It might help her keep it on if she feels like she has chosen it to match her dress.

  • Comparison might work – your toddler might like to emulate you so watching you put clips or hair accessories might encourage your toddler to do the same.
  • Remove the hair clips when the toddler is sleeping or when you are not around. Your toddler could remove it in her sleep and ingest it, and you may not be around to stop it.
  • While tying the hair back, ensure that it is not too tight. That could get uncomfortable and lead to hair loss potentially, as the roots are tender.

There are also potentially many cute and elaborate hair accessories that you can get for your toddler. You might want to limit the use of those on special occasions as they tend to be fancier than utilarian and will not really keep hair out of her eyes.

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