Is it Safe to Color My Hair During Pregnancy?

(October 14, 2011)

There are contradictory views and limited independent research on the effects of hair dye during pregnancy; however, obstetricians generally suggest that it is better to avoid these dyes. Although the evidence is quite limited, it suggests that it is safe to color your hair during pregnancy. The use of hair color during pregnancy does not generally cause any harmful effects in pregnancies. Studies have shown that, a very small amount of chemicals contained in hair colors is actually absorbed into the system. However, if you are still skeptical about using hair color during pregnancy, it is best to avoid it completely or at least wait till the start of your second trimester when your developing baby is not as vulnerable. Experts suggest that pregnant women should avoid coloring their hair in the first three months of pregnancy. Instead of coloring your hair throughout, highlighting, streaking or frosting your tresses would be a safer option. These methods are considered better, because fewer chemicals come into contact with your scalp. Vegetable dyes are a safe hair color during pregnancy, as they do not contain any synthetic chemicals. However, it is important that you buy these natural vegetable dyes from a reliable vendor, lest the products be of a poor quality.

You can also use pure henna as a good and safe semi permanent hair color during pregnancy. Although it can be more messy compared to regular hair colors, it is definitely a safer option during pregnancy. While using henna, it is also important that you buy only pure henna as other commercial henna products may contain harmful chemical substances. One of the best hair colors during pregnancy is fresh beetroot juice. You can apply it to your hair for a nice purplish color without the fear of any harmful side effects. Although its effect may not be as long lasting as permanent hair colors, it is definitely a safer option to use during pregnancy. In case you still decide to use a synthetic hair color during pregnancy, there are a few safety tips you can keep in mind to avoid any harmful effects on the health of your developing baby. Firstly, color your hair in a well-ventilated room so that you avoid inhaling the chemical fumes from the hair color. Avoid leaving the hair color on your scalp for too long, to minimize the risk of absorption. Most importantly, rinse your hair thoroughly after coloring.

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