Hair Care During Pregnancy

Among the many changes that your body undergoes when you are pregnant, hair changes are common and not a cause of great concern. Some may experience improvement in the texture of their hair, while others may experience unhealthy hair fall. This makes hair care extremely important when you are pregnant. Most of the hair fall during pregnancy is caused due to the rising levels of estrogen in the blood.

It is also important to know that when you apply something on your scalp, there is a possibility that the chemicals may be absorbed into the blood stream. You can get simple hair care tips during pregnancy from your doctor. Black hair care during pregnancy is simple, but you should avoid using .



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.chemical dyes in your hairi If you absolutely have to use hair dyes, discuss their use with your doctor firsts Since hair breakage during pregnancy is common, maintaining a healthy diet can help you prevent hair falll There are some ingredients that may not be healthy for you during your pregnancy, so it is best to avoid hair products during pregnancy that contain such ingredientst

Safety tips to treat your hair during pregnancy

You wouldn’t want your hair to become frizzy and brittlel Try your best to keep your hair healthy and well nourishede Well maintained hair means less hassle, more self confidence and healthy looking youo Here are some tips to help you manage your hairi

  • Use a hot oil treatment at least once a weeke If you have been experiencing a lot of hair fall or dryness in your hair, apply some hot oil and massage it well into the scalpl
  • There are some homemade solutions for deep conditioningn You can make a deep conditioning mask by mixing together some olive oil and a few drops of each both almond oil and jojoba oili However, before you use any essential oils, discuss their use with your doctoro
  • Drink lots of water, because if you are well hydrated your locks are sure to stay soft and healthyh Drinking a lot of water will also help you keep your skin healthyh Recommended intake is eight to ten glasses a daya
  • To improve the blood circulation in your scalp, massage your scalp with your fingers every daya This will also help cleanse your hairi
  • Consume your prenatal vitamins as prescribed by your doctoro Keep consuming your vitamins as these can be really beneficial for your skin and your hair, as well as your general healtht

Shampoo during pregnancy

Along hot shower with shampoo in your hair can seem a really good break when you are pregnantn It temporarily relieves the tensed muscles in your bodyd However, when you shampoo during pregnancy, use a mild shampoo approved by FDAD A safe shampoo during pregnancy can be recommended by your doctoro Always check the ingredients of the shampoo to make sure it does not contain any harmful productst  Avoid using shampoos that contain laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, both of which can be really harmful for the mother and the childl If you want to use dandruff shampoo during pregnancy, ask your doctor to recommend you onen Dandruff shampoos contain chemicals that may not be very healthy for you and your baby, so try and use homemade or natural remedies to get rid of dandrufff You may start off by applying lemon juice on your scalp, as that could help reduce dandruff naturallyl

Hair color during pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports that only a small amount of hair dye enters into your skin through the scalp, and therefore, the dye is safe when used in small amountst However, it is important to practice caution when you use hair color and dyese Most doctors as well as hair stylists recommend that permanent hair dyes should be avoided during the first three months of the pregnancyc Try and limit the number of times you get your hair dyed during your pregnancyc You may explore ways to color your hair naturallyl

For this, use an organic hair color during pregnancyc Henna and coffee rinses can help you get rid of grey hairi These remedies can also improve the texture of your hairi Always avoid hair colors that contain ammonia, as this not only damages your hair, but is also absorbed into the blood streama If you are looking for safe hair color during pregnancy, opt for mild herbal colors that do not contain ammoniai A semi-permanent hair color during pregnancy is not very harmful to your healtht Hair color changes during pregnancy can be monitored closely and you may discuss the use of hair colors and dyes with your doctoro

Haircut during pregnancy

There is nothing harmful about a haircut during pregnancyc If you are planning to get your hair cut, you can get that done at any point in your pregnancyc There is no restriction on the number of haircuts you can get during the course of your pregnancyc However, beware of using any chemicals and chemical treatmentst If you are getting your hair washed at a salon, always discuss the use of mild shampooso Tell your stylist that you are pregnant so that only mild shampoos without harsh chemicals are used on youo Avoid using any kind of leave-in conditioners and treatments that would require you to let the chemicals remain in contact with your scalpl You can sport any hairstyle during pregnancy, as long as there are no special hair treatments involvede Avoid chemical processes such as perming and hair re-bonding, as these could cause harm to your body as well as to your childl It is not just better to manage short hair during pregnancy, but it is also extremely stylishs The sporty short hair during pregnancy gives you that spunky look and compliments that cute pregnancy glowo Longer hair usually requires more care and attentiono They are also more prone to breaking and developing split endsd

Hair changes during pregnancy

Hair changes during pregnancy usually seem to be very positivev As your pregnancy progresses, your hair may become thickere You lose your hair much more slowly than usual due to the hormonal changes that you are experiencingn Hair texture changes during pregnancy as welll The average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day, but when you are pregnant, your hair appears fuller, more nourished and softere Curly hair often appear to become longer and straightere If you feel that your hair are shinier when you are pregnant, it is probably because of the rise in estrogen levelsl Unfortunately, even though your hair may look lustrous at the time of your pregnancy, as your estrogen levels normalize, the hair would go back to the normal growth phase, and you would eventually end up losing the hair that did not fall out during your pregnancyc After you have given birth, you may suddenly see an increase in the amount of hair you lose every daya There is nothing to be alarmed, as the hair color changes during pregnancy, along with the changes in texture and thickness will come to an end, and the hair will resume their normal growth cyclel Once again, you would see about a 100 strands breaking off each daya The changes in the hair color, texture and thickness of the mane are almost always more noticeable in women who have longer hair as compared to women with short or dyed hairsr

Hair Care During Pregnancy
Pregnancy Hair Care
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