Piling Up The Veggies

By Ashley | January 12, 2010
Piling Up The Veggies

Eating a vegetarian diet is increasingly popular as a way of living because of its varied health benefits. There are people who do not eat any animal-based food products at all, including meats, eggs, fish and milk; some who eat eggs but not other animal-products, and yet others who eat meats only occasionally but subsists on a primarily vegetarian diet. Vegetables are rich natural sources of vitamins and minerals that improve blood circulation, keep the nervous system in good shape and increase the strength of the body’s natural immune system. They also have a high fiber content that makes them easy to digest and solves digestive disorders such as constipation, ulcers, hyperacidity and indigestion. Since vegetarian food has a low level of fats and carbohydrates, it helps people lose weight gradually and maintain it at an optimum level. The natural moisture content of vegetables also keeps the skin and hair follicles well nourished and hydrated and gives them a healthy glow. If your diet comprises no animal-based products at all, you should take care to include alternative sources of proteins, useful fats and carbohydrates to keep the body functioning normally. Beans, soybean, tofu, legumes, kidney beans and nuts should be eaten every day. If you eat dairy products, yogurt and cheese are good options.

You could begin your day with a small cup of sprouts soaked in water overnight. Follow this up with a bowl of cereal and milk or yogurt (optional) and a couple of apples or oranges. If you are trying to lose weight, eat a couple of ripe tomatoes at breakfast. Those who do not exclude poultry from their menu may also eat boiled eggs. You may also periodically cleanse your system by drinking a combination of spinach, carrot and beetroot juice in the morning. If you are in the habit of eating a snack before lunch, much on a few roasted nuts or eat any fruit of your choice. For lunch, you should have a cup of steamed rice with a large bowl of boiled or lightly fried vegetables and a plate of salad. You may use olive oil to flavor the salad as it contains useful essential minerals. Your evening tea may be accompanied by eggless cakes and a couple of cookies or crackers. For dinner, whole wheat breads and vegetable curries may be eaten along with a dish made of cottage cheese or tofu.

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