Causes of Sudden Dizziness In Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Pregnancy brings with it many changes in the body, and the need to cope with them becomes essential. With pregnancy, the body is pumping more blood to the heart and there is faster heart rate due to changes in the cardiovascular system, resulting low blood pressure in the early stages of pregnancy and causing dizziness in pregnancy. Sudden dizziness in pregnancy can be caused by standing up suddenly; certain smells can also trigger nausea and dizziness. Dizziness in pregnancy is more common in the early trimesters.


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More often the causes of dizziness in pregnancy can be morning sickness or the very action getting up from bed and standing immediately, inadequate intake of water and food, anemia in pregnancy, pressure from the uterus, heated atmosphere which can get suffocating while being pregnant, excessive exercising, and body weakness.

Sudden dizziness in ovulation could be due to hormonal changes that the body goes through, leading to nausea, light headedness, and sweating. There is no need for rigorous treatment, but just take ample rest and eat a nutritious diet, unless it is quite frequent, then you might be anemic or need medical attention.

Acute dizziness in pregnancy can be result of various factors piling up. If one exercises too much and does not eat an appropriate diet and get adequate rest it can lead to acute dizziness in pregnancy. Anemia and dilation of blood vessels when in heated surroundings can also lead to severe dizziness in pregnancy.

In such cases it is important to take suitable care by eating well, taking rest, avoiding over exercising, and avoiding standing for long periods. To avoid sudden dizziness in pregnancy one can try getting up slowly after sitting for long periods, eating regularly, and keeping the body well hydrated. You should also avoid hot baths, and you can try to lie on the left side to increase blood flow and circulation. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes that give enough breathing space, and keep your rooms well ventilated. You can also eat foods rich in iron.

In case the acute dizziness in pregnancy causes you to faint and/or your vision gets blurred and you have palpitations and headaches accompanied with vaginal bleeding, it is very important to seek medical attention. These factors could mean low-lying placenta, ectopic pregnancy, severe anemia, or placental abruption, and can be quite harmful for you and the baby. In most instances of dizziness in pregnancy there is no cause for worry unless the occurrences are too frequent. If you feel like something may be wrong, consult your physician without delay.

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