Causes of Saliva During Pregnancy

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 27, 2012

It is not very uncommon for women to produce excessive saliva during pregnancy. This is a normal symptom of pregnancy and mostly nothing to worry about. The effects of salivation during pregnancy might vary from woman to woman. Some women might hardly notice this phenomenon whereas some will be visibly bothered by it. Many women have the urge to spit constantly or are bothered by the urge to wipe their face constantly due to the excessive drooling. The medical term, to describe this condition is known as 'ptyalism'. Excessive saliva during pregnancy can be caused as a result of the changing hormonal levels.


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This can also be caused to the rapid hormonal fluctuation in the first and third trimesters. The best option is to swallow more frequently or even spit occasionally. There are some women who experience heartburn along with excessive salivation.

Doctors suggest that heartburn can be relieved by using over the counter antacids. Some home remedies point out to drinking milk to relieve this problem, while others claim that brushing the teeth several times a day can help in getting rid of excessive salivation. Both these remedies must be exercised with caution especially if you are lactose intolerant; also excessive brushing of the teeth can cause erosion of the tooth enamel. Some doctors suggest drinking adequate water to relieve the problem of saliva during pregnancy. There are some women who prefer chewing on candy to relieve their problem.

Experiencing excessive saliva during pregnancy might be annoying and possibly embarrassing, but the production of excessive saliva does have brought about any negative side effects. However, if you are salivating more than usual and also have symptoms of heartburn that doesn't seem to fade, then you might want to contact your doctor for a course of action. Excessive salivation is not a permanent problem, it will disappear with time. There are plenty of tips that could help you to alleviate the excessive salivation during pregnancy problem.

You can start with avoiding heavy oily foods; instead you should opt for fresh fruits. Consume foods in small amounts also avoid sugary foods. Foodstuffs containing sugar can build up more saliva. Adding more veggies and natural food items in your diet is the best available option. They will not only help you to remain active and healthy but also help you to combat various other problems that you are facing. If excessive salivation is an issue which has been troubling you greatly then it is advisable to your doctor, they should be able to offer the right recommendations regarding your situation. With a little help you can easily overcome the issue of excessive saliva during pregnancy.

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