What can I give to my toddler after he vomits?

(February 23, 2010)

Toddlers vomit for various reasons. It is very important to know the exact cause of the toddler vomiting and then treat the child accordingly. Toddlers may vomit while teething or due to excessive separation anxiety disorders. They may even vomit as a result if an intolerance to certain medications. Some toddlers may be allergic to certain types of foods or to breast milk.  Hence once the cause of the vomiting
bout is ascertained then the problem can be treated.

If the child is vomiting due to certain food intolerance then it is important to establish which food it is and to avoid that food entirely. Some toddlers may have intolerance to certain antibiotics or medications. So after the medicine given if the child throws it up more than twice then stop giving that medicine and have the doctor give the child some alternative treatment. If the child is vomiting as a result of the teething process then try giving him or her crackers or mild biscuits to chew on. Sometimes the child may gag and vomit as a result of the excess saliva being produced in the mouth during the teething process.

It is important to always keep the child well hydrated. Vomiting can cause severe dehydration and hence the child should be fed plenty of fluid, water or breast milk. You can even give the child a little bit of lemon water as this is known to help curb nausea. Try rubbing some arrack drops on the child’s stomach. Another remedy includes some ginger powder in a spoonful of honey and giving this to the child 2 to 3 times a day.  Ginger has certain properties that help to alleviate nausea. Also it has no side effects that can harm the child. Try giving the child a solution of sugar and salt to help prevent dehydration. If the vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea then you can try giving the child carrot juice to drink as this causes the stools to become less watery. Try boiling brown rice in water and then giving the child this water to drink. Vitamin B is found in plenty in brown rice water solution and helps to replenish the lost vitamins the child will have lost as a result of the vomiting. Another home remedy that is effective is reducing nausea is having the child suck on a slice of lemon or even a piece of ice.

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