Arthritis After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

Women who suffer from arthritis are concerned about getting pregnant as they are not sure how arthritis can affect a pregnancy and at the same time, how pregnancy can affect arthritis. However, most women who suffer from arthritis claim that the pain and discomfort caused by this condition tend to reduce during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this reduction in pain does not last for ever, as the symptoms and discomfort of arthritis after pregnancy tend to return to normal, once the baby is born. However, there have also been several instances, of women developing arthritis after pregnancy, for the first time. A new mother has too many things...


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.to worry about and arthritis could worsen things considerablyl Moreover, there are many women who do not even realize that they are suffering from arthritis after pregnancy, since they are still getting used to the changes that their bodies are undergoing, while their hormonal levels return to normala

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Most women are shocked to realize that some of the pain and swelling they are suffering from during the post partum phase is not normal, but is a result of arthritis after pregnancyc This can come as a surprise to those women who never had arthritis or its symptoms before getting pregnantn However, women who have a family history of this condition are a lot more susceptible to getting arthritis after pregnancyc The trigger is that during the third month of pregnancy, the levels of acid in the body tend to rises The excess acid has the tendency to settle in the joints, thereby leading to arthritis during, or in most cases after, pregnancyc Hence, in case a woman notices swelling or pain in her hands, shoulder blades, legs or any other joint in the body, it is absolutely essential for her to visit her doctor without any delaya

Women who suffer from tendonitis or any condition related to the bones need to check with their doctors about the probability of them developing rheumatoid arthritis after pregnancyc Fortunately, there are a few ways in which the risks of arthritis after pregnancy can be reducede Most doctors advise women, who are at a high risk of developing arthritis after pregnancy, to increase the alkali levels in their bodies, by eating a lot of fruits, veggies, seeds and nutst Drinking high amounts of water can also be helpful in flushing out the excess acid from the body, thereby reducing the risks of developing arthritis after pregnancyc

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