High Calorie Baby Foods and Formulas

If you are looking for ways to get your child to put on some more weight, then breast milk is the best bet. Healthy and nutritious, breast milk is good for the child in the long run too.

However, if your child is growing up and needs other food substitutes, then there are other options that you can consider. High calorie baby formula, high calorie baby protein, high calorie baby milk, and high calorie baby powder are some of the foods substitutes that you can feed your child.

High Calorie Baby Formula


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High Calorie Baby Formula

  • You can cut a chunk of cheese into smaller pieces for your child too. This is a good source of calcium and protein, and is high in calories too.
  • You can buy some mandarin oranges for your child. Packed with vitamins, these oranges are soft enough for a baby and are inexpensive too. Hand out small pieces of the orange to your baby, so she can eat them without any difficulty. Canned peaches are another option too. While choosing any canned fruit, make sure that it has been packed with natural juice, instead of sugary syrup. Try to buy fresh fruit too and cut it into small pieces for the child.
  • Bite sized chicken nuggets that a child can chew easily are a good source of protein. You can make your own nuggets from fresh chicken, so that the food is not overly processed.
  • Try yogurt for calcium and protein. Scoop up with a spoon and let your child enjoy the goodness of wholesome and fresh curd. You can even choose flavored yogurt or simply go for the plain one.

  • For carbohydrates, try pasta or cubes of bread. Cut these in smaller pieces and cook with fresh tomatoes. Make your own tomato sauce if you want to give your child a fresh, home-cooked snack. You can even cook pasta in a fresh cheese sauce and add lots of vegetables and herbs for a wholesome meal.
  • Frozen waffles make for a great snack too. Cubed pieces of waffles are good for the baby if she is teething. She can gnaw on a frozen waffle.
  • You can also cook with canned vegetables since these are softer than their frozen cousins. Pick an assortment of veggies like carrots, beans, peas, baby corn and broccoli. Cook them with a dash of fresh herbs and hand them to your child. Occasionally, you can make French fries with sweet potatoes. You could even boil a few beans or chopped pieces of carrots for a quick and healthy snack.
High Calorie Baby Food
High Calorie Baby Food
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