Healthy Recipes For Toddler Meals

An ideal toddler meal recipe should include your child’s nutritional requirements in addition to being appetizing. Your choice of toddler meal recipes should thus take your child’s individual nutritional needs into account. Toddlers tend to be very picky and it can be challenging to make a meal that your toddler loves and that is good for his/her health.

You can however, make your own healthy toddler meals with the help of a few toddler meal recipes.

Simple Toddler Meal Recipes

An important aspect of any recipe is also novelty and variety, therefore, don’t.



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be afraid to serve your toddler different versions of your old recipes. Using the same ingredients as his/her usual meals, try and create new dishes that your toddler will find exciting and healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great addition to any toddler meal recipe. Recipes for toddler meals that include fresh fruit and vegetables are an excellent option for your toddler. An excellent toddler meal recipe that is delicious and nutritious is a layered fruit sundae. Puree or finely chop fresh fruits and layer them with cereal or yoghurt in a tall glass. This will make a tasty and nutritious dessert for your toddler. Another simple meal recipe for toddlers with fresh fruit is a banana split. Make a simple and healthy banana split with a quarter of a banana, a sprinkling of cold cereal and a dollop of yoghurt.

Toddlers love to dip, coat and smear sauces on their foods.

A simple toddler meal recipe would thus be to serve small snacks like toast, bread or crackers with a variety of healthy sauces. You can make a healthy tomato sauce by adding finely chopped or pureed, cooked vegetables to your tomato sauce. In addition, you can make tasty dips with peanut butter and cheese that your toddler will love to eat. Healthy sauce toppings can help add to the nutritive value of any toddler meals recipes. Any meal recipes for toddlers that include chicken will be high in protein content and is thus healthy for your child. A simple and nutritious toddler meal recipe with chicken is a baked chicken breast with sauce. Bake a chicken breast and then cut it into small strips so your toddler can eat them. Serve these chicken strips with a pureed vegetable sauce or a barbeque sauce that is low in sugar. Similarly, you can also cut vegetables into strips and serve them with ranch dressing or other homemade nutritious sauces.

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