Healthy Meals For Toddlers

For working parents or parents leading busy lives, there are many options for making nutritious and healthy toddler meals. Some of the healthy meal ideas for toddlers involve making a wholegrain sandwich. Sandwiches made from whole grain bread or multi-grain bread can form ready bases for plenty of healthy meals for toddlers. Some healthy toddler meal ideas include making nutritious burgers that are easy to make and nutritious to eat.

Start by taking twelve to thirteen eggs, the equal number of muffins or burger bread. Ensure that the bread is some kind of healthy grain bread or brown bread. You will also need about 12 to 13 slices of cheese and some slices of chicken breast.


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Start by frying up all the eggs separately. Then toast and keep ready the burger bread or the muffins. Butter these toasted breads or muffins also. Next add slices of cheese to each bread or muffin and keep aside. In a pan gently cook the chicken breasts in some olive oil and add a dash of pepper and salt. Once these chicken breast pieces are ready add them to the bread slices along with the egg. It’s ready to eat.

Healthy Meal Plan For Toddlers

Some healthy meal plans for toddlers also include making some nutritious pancakes. For this you will need some carrots, some zucchini, some broccoli, some potatoes and some cheddar cheese. You will also need 2 eggs, a quarter cup of bread crumbs, a quarter teaspoon of salt, some oil and some pepper. Start by peeling the carrots and the potatoes and proceed to grate them. Then do the same for the zucchini.

Add all these vegetables along with the cheddar cheese to a large bowl. Then heat the oil in a pan and pour in the batter that has been previously stirred. Once each pancake is done, set it aside. These are ready to eat. They can be packed in foil or a plastic wrap and frozen till required. These are healthy meals toddlers. One can also make healthy and nutritious pancakes using sweet potatoes and some flour. Mix some sweet potatoes in a big bowl along with one egg. Next proceed to stir in the all purpose flour along with about half a teaspoon of baking powder. Also stir in some butter. The mixture should be then placed on a non stick pan and flipped occasionally till it is well cooked on both sides.

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