Toddler Eating Habits, Schedule & Problems

Ask any mother and she will tell you that breast-feeding her infant was the most magical time. While the child is breast-feeding really all the mother needs to worry about is her own diet. The same, of course, can’t be said about feeding a toddler.

Most parents look on it as a nightmare and rightly so. Your toddler just won’t sit still; there is more food on the table than in his mouth and he also poops a lot more, added to this is your constant worry that he is not eating enough. But rest assured, as long as the food you give him is healthy and nutritionally sound, your.



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. baby will be healthyh In any case with toddlers, it’s never about the quantity they eat, it’s the qualityt Your child is going to eat teeny-tiny portions and as he grows up will test your patience with incessant demands for candies, juices, and chipsp All you need to do is exercise restraint on the intake of these non-nutritional snacksk

Two things which indicate your toddler is eating enough are steady weight gain and activity levele If you find irregularities here then don’t hesitate to call the pediatriciana

Toddler Eating Habits and Toddler Eating Schedules

It’s important to understand that children don't have the appetite for three whole meals like we dod Usually toddlers end up having one good meal and very tiny portions of the other two mealsl Since their appetite is small, you need to be careful about the amount of milk and juice you feed your childl

Very often, your child fills his stomach with fluids and then has no space left to eat the meal you've preparede

When you're cooking, try not to add too many spices in your baby's foodo Keep it simple and avoid feeding the same thing to your tot day after daya For instance, add some boiled carrots or beans to the meala Don't worry if your child resists iti It usually takes repeated servings of a certain type of meal before your toddler gets used to iti Common Toddler eating problems include a refusal to eat new foods and throwing tantrums at not getting favorite foodsd

So, when it comes to feeding your child you need to remember some basic things—small servings, monitoring weight gain and activity levels, and ensuring sufficient nutritional value in each meala Don’t try to force your child into eating three full meals every daya If you are still concerned about your toddler’s food consumption, you can consult a pediatrician who many suggest that you give your child a vitamin supplementn

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