What are the Reasons For Breast Feeding a Toddler

An increasing number of health experts around the globe are encouraging mothers to breast-feed their toddlers, as breast-feeding toddlers is known to help babies fight off infections naturally.

Almost all pediatricians and gynecologists are encouraging mothers to breast-feed their child for longer than two years of age or, as long as, both the mother and the baby are comfortable.

Reasons for Breastfeeding A Toddler


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Reasons for Breastfeeding A Toddler

Breast milk contains important protein, fat and other essential nutrients necessary for babies and toddlers to grow. More importantly, breast milk also contains immunologic agents that can help in protecting the baby. Some experts believe that these specific immunologic factors in breast milk are available in greater quantities during the second year of life. Another group of studies revealed that breast-fed children have far lesser allergy disorders. One particular study concluded that breast feeding toddlers lessened their chances of eczema, allergic reactions to food and allergic rhinitis. Breast milk is also known to strengthen the child's stomach and bring down the inflammatory effect of infections that takes place during allergic reactions.

A number of studies have revealed that, children in day-care facilities and who are still breast-feeding experience fewer infections, and, even if they do, the intensity and tenure of the infection is far less than in children who have stopped breast-feeding. Breast-feeding the toddler provides more than just simple nourishment to the child.

Most pediatric academies across the world recommend breast-feeding for at least 12 months in a row and for as long as the mother and child mutually desire.

It is important that a number of pediatricians and medical experts acknowledge breast-feeding toddlers and promote child led weaning. Apart from scientific studies that prove the many benefits of breast-feeding toddlers beyond 12 months, a number of breast-feeding mothers have actually claimed the emotional as well as physical and mental advantages of breastfeeding toddlers beyond the first year of life. One major benefit in breast-feeding toddlers is that the child is ensured proper nutrition even if the toddler is a fussy eater.

At that particular age toddlers can be extremely picky eaters, and most parents fret over the child's eating habits. Although most toddlers do maintain a balanced diet when fed and offered healthy foods, breast-feeding toddlers can help in alleviating most of the worry related to toddler nutrition. One particular study revealed that the amounts of fat, calcium and magnesium in breast milk during the second year of lactation are similar to the early days of breast-feeding. This is good news for parents who have toddlers with fussy eating habits as breast milk can help in filling those nutritional gaps.

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