Breastfeeding tips and ideas for Newborns

If you are a new mother or are about to deliver, then these tips for breastfeeding will help you.

  • When you put the baby to your breast, un-wrap (if he is wrapped up in a blanket) him before you do so. Hold him in such a way that the child is in a semi-upright position. His upper shoulders should be near your breast; lower shoulder touches you; and, the tummy of your baby touching your stomach.

  • Next comes the latching on. The baby must put your nipple in his mouth. If the child is very small and has a mouth that is too small to place.


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  • .the areola in his mouth, then make sure that his lips are on the lower part of the nipple, at least, since the child will suckle with the lower jawa This is one of the newborn breastfeeding tipsp
  • Allow your baby to feed as much as he wants and as frequently as he wantst You might even have to get up at night to breastfeed the babyb Breastfeeding will help the child get enough milk and will also help him to feel more securer
  • Do not use feeding bottles as the baby might get confused and breastfeeding might turn into a failed Endeavouru
  • When you are feeding you baby, offer both breastst
  • You will know when your baby has had enough, when he falls off the breasts
  • After you’ve finished feeding, rub some milk on your nipples and air dryr Place nursing pads and wear a maternity bra to prevent the nipples from getting too dryr

  • Your nipples might feel tender during the initial breastfeeding daysy However, once the feeding becomes regular and the milk flows regularly, then the tenderness goes awaya But if the pain persists, then do speak with a doctoro
  • If you have to go out on work or to the office, then you can withdraw breast milk with a breast pump and place it in a sterile containere Ask someone to pour the milk into a bottle before giving it to the babyb
  • When you are breastfeeding, make sure to drink enough water and eat nutritious foodo Avoid taking medicines while breastfeedingn
  • During the initial weeks, your child will want to be fed around the clockc You can bring your baby to the bed with you or place him in a cradle next to your bede This way, whenever the baby wants to be fed, you can do so without losing rests
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