What Do I Need For Breastfeeding?

(November 29, 2010)

Breastfeeding creates an unflinching bond between the mother and child. It is important for you to be well educated about breastfeeding so that you don’t get too overwhelmed if you face any difficulties. Breastfeeding is essential as your child will get all the nutrition it needs from your milk and research also proves that children who have been breastfed have grown up with stronger immune systems and fewer health issues.

There are many products available in the market that will help in making your experience of breastfeeding toddler a little easier.

• Nursing clothes are one of the first things you might need to buy after you get out of the hospital. You can wear regular clothes as well but just a few feeding shirts can really make things easier for you in the initial weeks after your delivery. Nursing bras are also very helpful but just ensure that they fit well and provide adequate support. Your breasts may tend to change sizes in the coming weeks so it is advisable to purchase a few nursing bras in the initial stages and then according to the breast size you can purchase some more.
• A nursing cover is very useful when breastfeeding in public. This is like a blanket that covers your entire front side along with the baby. So you can easily keep your baby under the blanket and feed him/her without worrying.
• A nursing pillow helps in keeping the baby in a proper position for breastfeeding, so you won’t have to keep holding your child while nursing.
• Sore and painful nipples is a common problem that many mother face during the early stages of breastfeeding. Applying some Lanolin nipple cream on the nipples after breastfeeding helps ease the pain.
• At times your breasts may leak when you have not breastfed for a while, as they are full of milk. So to avoid this problem you will need breast pads especially in the first few months. You can stick them on the inside of your bra. These pads are available in different types such as: disposable, washable and eco friendly, daytime and thicker night time pads.
• If you have to go back to work but still want your baby to continue drinking breast milk then a breast pump is very handy as you can pump your breasts with it and collect the milk in a bottle which can be fed to the baby when he/she is hungry.

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