Breastfeeding And Breast Cancer

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Breast feeding is one of the best ways to bond with your baby. Apart from this wonderful feeling, it has a big advantage of reducing the chances of breast cancer. Research has proved that if you breastfeed for a year during your lifetime you are unlikely to develop breast cancer. Though many researchers have many reasons for this, some say it could be because of the reduced exposure to estrogen or even because lactating breasts don’t store fat soluble pollutants and carcinogens as much as non lactating breasts. Breast feeding can also lead to problems like ...


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. sore nipples, lumps in the breast, baby refuses to drink milk, biting and breast infection called mastitisi Sore nipples can be treated by rubbing breast milk on the sore nipple or using a nipple ointmentn

Lumps in the breast can be dissolved by massaging or using a warm compress on the areae Infants biting during breast feeding can be very painful as well as cause hurt to the nipplel To prevent this you need to teach your baby not to bite by removing the baby from the breast as soon as he/she starts biting and then offer a teething toyo Mastitis includes reddening of areas on the breast along with flu symptoms like aches, temperature and full sore breasts Start by taking rest but keep feeding the baby beginning with the sore sided You could also use cold and warm compress to reduce the swellingn If these don’t help, consult your doctor who most likely will give you antibiotics and painkillersr

While breastfeeding it is advised to keep a few things in mindn The first time you breastfeed let the baby show you he/she is ready and use this opportunity to startr Secondly remember since your breasts have never had so much stimulation there will be discomfort but you will get more comfortable with timem For the first 2-3 weeks concentrate and get to know your baby’s habitst Visits from your family and friends can start once you are more comfortablel Remember, not taking care of yourself can affect your breast milkl An important characteristic of breastfeeding is nutritiono Your breastfeeding diet is directly related to the quality of your milk which in turn influences the growth of your babyb Your breastfeeding and pregnancy diet must include fruits, whole grains, proteins and vegetables which give the baby the necessary nutrientst You just need to make sure you avoid caffeine, alcohol and smokingn

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