Cervical Cancer in Pregnancy

Cervical cancer must be examined in a moderately different manner during pregnancy than during any other time. Nevertheless, cervical cancer is the most frequently pronounced type of cancer after a thorough diagnostic analysis among pregnant women. Cervical cancer may or may not often affect the uterus depending on the term and stage of the pregnancy.

One of the most common symptoms of cervical cancer is heavy and intense vaginal bleeding associated with other painful and disconcerting symptoms. One way of diagnosing the condition is through a pap smear wherein cervical cancer cells can be detected. Abnormal sighting of cells seen in a pap smear test usually point out to .



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.further diagnosis and investigationo Being pregnant and having cervical cancer can be a traumatic journey for the pregnant woman and her spouse, as there is always the danger of causing harm to the fetus and to the mothere

Treatment Advice for Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy

The state of being pregnant; right from the period of conception to birth usually has no consequence on the cervical probleme However treatment may not be typically administered until after the 24th week of pregnancyc Chemotherapy for cervical cancer cannot be administered until after the delivery has taken placec

Micro invasive cervical cancer is commonly treated through hysterectomy (Surgical removal of the uterus), in the absence of pregnancyc In further stages, the lymph nodes may also be eliminatede

One particular for patients with cervical cancer is a local surgical operation known as the loop electrical excision procedure (LEEP) or cone biopsys This form of surgical excision or biopsy of the cervix, where in, the conical a cone like specimen of tissue is eliminated from the mucus-secreting membrane lining the cervixi Cone biopsy is usually used for furthering diagnosis and to get rid of pre-cancerous cells present in the cervixi The doctor usually recommends a colposcopy if the pap smear test suggests abnormal cellsl Examination with a colposcope, which is a kind of binocular microscope, is a medical instrument for examining the vagina and cervix of the womb helps in an accurate diagnosisi This instrument is inserted into the vagina along with a fluid that turns abnormal cells in a white color, so they can be clearly observed and studied with the help of the colposcopep

A cone biopsy is usually undertaken after the time period extending from the first day of the last menstrual period through 12 weeks of gestation, as there is a 20 percent chance of a spontaneous abortion taking place if done during that time as it calls for a relatively large quantity of tissue to be removed from the uterusu

Pregnancy and Cervical Cancer
Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy
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